Icelandic wool

Víkurprjón is famous for great socks among other woolen products and authentic Icelandic souvenirs. The company is one of the oldest and best known knitwear producers in Iceland. The production is extremely varied but the largest part involves sewing all kinds of clothing from the Icelandic sheep wool.

Víkurprjón uses traditional methods with the original colors and national patterns as well as designing and producing clothes that go with the latest fashion trends. A tourist shop is situated in the factory in Vík, where all its products are sold along with an extensive assortment of souvenirs.

Whether you are looking for a genuine Icelandic souvenir or simply a stylish garment, Vik-Wool is the place to start and end the search!

While visiting Víkurprjón you can also take a peek into the factory and watch the knitting machines at work.