The multi-cultural megalopolis of Yokohama might be the second largest area in Japan, but it’s located simply 30km south of heart of Tokyo; it is reasonable to say its your government overshadows it.

But there is too much to see within effervescent town, including microbreweries, jazz clubs, a booming arts world and a buzzing bayfront. Not forgetting cheaper accommodations and a decidedly reduced speed of existence.

Yokohama features an extended reputation of advancement, commerce and assortment due to it becoming one of the primary Japanese slots to get established to international trade-in the 19


millennium – and even though there is a solid gay world right here, it’s really a lot more orientated towards club talks and natives.

That is not to say it actually fun to explore; it simply isn’t quite since untamed as
Tokyo’s homosexual lifestyle hub of Shinjuku Ni-chōme
Doyamacho, Osaka’s LGBT District.

Discreet, compartmentalized, frequently smaller compared to a cruise liner cabin and obsessed with order – though fortunately not exactly as uptight as Tokyo – the homosexual pubs of Yokohama tend to be exclusively Japanese and an experience, to make sure.

Females probably know a large number of homosexual nightlife spots in Yokohama do not generally speaking and local attitudes, which means most foreign people are only able to test, just a few areas as private relationships with members and rigid Japanese-only rules dictate who can enter. You may think this is xenophobic – plus its – but this is accomplished in big part to protect users from getting judged by not familiar expectations.

Japan is similar to nowhere else on the planet, so when anyone who has seen before knows, the Japanese carry out acts extremely in a different way. Fortunately the ongoing financial stagnation in Japan has made the nation – plus the gay scene of Yokohama – much more open to foreigners, and there have become a lot of gay areas that earnestly courtroom Gaijin (the Japanese term for foreign people) within their center.

Homosexuality never been prosecuted in Japan – it was not regarded as a sin, just shameful – and despite current fashions of threshold and honestly homosexual spaces in cosmopolitan places like Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, and
, lots of Japanese explore gay men and lesbians nevertheless conceal who they really are.

Getting gay can be however viewed as an individual option, even though homophobia is unusual, Japanese society views becoming homosexual as not a thing is flaunted or freely mentioned.

This live-and-let-live mindset – provided external looks are preserved – towards LGBT folks now could be definitely limiting gay legal rights in Japan. There’s no political and personal friction to drive things forward, unlike in
, and

Discover couple of freely gay lawmakers, celebs or internet marketers, in addition to nationwide Diet have but to do this on such as intimate positioning in the united states’s civil rights signal.

Same-sex matrimony is certainly not legal at nationwide amount, though as of 2019, twenty urban centers and area wards concern same-sex relationship certificates, which provide some advantages; but these include entirely symbolic.
Taiwan presently leads Asia in LGBT legal rights
, along with the raising impetus and grand programs of Kansai Pride, hopefully this will encourage Japanese culture and lawmakers to discuss defenses and equivalence for several citizens.

Not surprisingly, homosexual tourists to Yokohama – and Japan – are highly not likely to see any discrimination whatsoever relating to sexual choices. With a little but tight-knit homosexual scene, a gorgeous skyline, tasty street food, quirky characters and lots of distinctive tourist attractions, Gay Yokohama is amongst the earth’s many underrated metropolitan areas and available to explore it more…

In this post we’ll protect…

Tourist attractions in Yokohama

Obviously, getting gay cannot establish which attractions many of us should see in each area, & most queer people will want to take a look at top items to see in Yokohama during the day!

There can be much to do right here – but we found our favorite memories happened to be roaming through, getting missing within the relatively endless variety of meals streets, roaming round the rejuvenated waterfront or utilizing the
JR pass
to explore the nearby location. Still – it assists for some idea of the proceedings, very here you will find the finest activities to do in Yokohama, relating to all of us!

Among the best tips we could present for discovering Gay Yokohama is to pre-order a vacation SIM credit for simple airport pickup and activation as soon as you arrive, and that means you won’t pay a king’s ransom in worldwide roaming charges.

Get restaurants suggestion and bookings throughout the fly, trains and buses guidelines up-to-the-minute, club beginning hours and, in case it is the thing – entry to homosexual hook-up software for more information concerning the neighborhood scene.

Cellular phone information is quickly, inexpensive and available almost everywhere in Asia, making it no wonder the majority of tourists decide to stay connected to get from the beaten track (without actually worrying about acquiring missing). So just why wait?
Pre-order the most effective regional SIM credit today for it waiting for you in Yokohama whenever you appear.

Things you can do  in Yokohama

Japanese Design Hot Spring Knowledge

Enjoy each and every day of overall relaxation with 18 various indoor and outside hot springs waiting for you. There isn’t any rush, consider try them all?

You can find special hot baths to take pleasure from: rock and roll shower, jug bath, hot spring swimming pool with therapeutic massage and spa and after getting a plunge, delight in a delicious Japanese-style dinner ready obtainable from the on-site bistro.  Better still, the hot springs hotel is actually quite simple to reach — found appropriate close to Kami-Hoshikawa facility.

Yokohama Chinatown

The greatest Chinatown in Japan and a pleasant split in the event that you somehow ever before get sick of Japanese food. Preferred dishes to look out for include steamed buns (Manju), ramen noodles and several some other Chinese meals, though a lot of them have-been Japanized consequently they are not like you’d find in
Hong Kong

There is a sizable Chinese new-year festival presented right here every year round the beginning of March.

Harbour Cruise

Get wonderful views from the urban area and the well-known Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris wheel from entirely from sea. Whip out your digital camera and take dazzling shots of attractive water while the urban forest as Japanese performers and feast regale you on an enjoyable your meal buffet or afternoon beverage. Japan is actually stressful, consider take the time out over loosen up?

Yokohama Landmark Tower

How could you miss the opportunity to go within the second-tallest building as well as the fourth tallest structure in Japan, standing 296.3 m high? Pick a definite time for wonderful opinions of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo City – and even though you’re upwards there, have you thought to end for a coffee in the air Bar? Perfect for checking out in the day time hours or when the sun goes down.

Ōsanbashi Pier

The main worldwide passenger pier at Port of Yokohama, now worth discovering on a sunshiney day because of its remarkable views and a recently available restoration with has created an extensive, lightly curving observance deck on their roof with grown grass areas.


If you use a
JR move
to have around Japan, miss the crowd of vacationers at Kyoto’s bamboo shrine and mind here. As the major temple has a historic Buddha, it really is fair to express the highlight this is actually the picturesque yet small bamboo grove discovered behind the temple’s major hallway, containing over 2000 increasing green bamboo stalks.

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Charged because planet’s basic food-themed entertainment playground, it falls short right here but does not be placed off – here is the most readily useful one-stop shop to relish the tastes for this nationwide plate from known retailers across Japan without going on an airplane.

Inside this mammoth complex, 10 ramen retailers tend to be showcased in a Tokyo street-scape replication from the season 1958, the entire year the whole world’s first instantaneous ramen was actually designed, plus it genuinely is something strange and special to see.

Located in Shin-Yokohama, it’s also a convenient stop when you yourself have a
JR Pass
, while the Shinkansen train stops and departs just a few moments out for Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and remainder of the nation.

Yokohama Museum of Art

Invest a few hours roaming through this modern-day museum, home to big number of artwork through the late nineteenth century through to the present-day, such as Dali, Magritte, Cézanne, and Picasso, as well as functions musicians and artists who’ve been associated with Yokohama ever since the end of Edo period and through Meiji period.

As Yokohama is amongst the birthplaces of photos in Japan, addititionally there is an important number of picture taking on screen.

Yokohama Cosmoworld

It isn’t really frequently you are able to check out an entertainment park inside one’s heart of a city, but this is certainly just what Cosmoworld supplies. an emphasize of every go to needs to be a ride regarding the Cosmo Clock 21, formerly the tallest Ferris wheel on the planet however now this is the highest around with a clock face. Still, the views of Mt. Fuji during the day with the neon skyline when the sun goes down are worth it alone.

Red Brick Warehouse

a traditional building complex recently completely renovated nowadays hosting design shops, cafes and differing off-events. While we are unable to suggest Bills café – at first from
– a visit on regional (and free) Japan Coast Guard Museum Yokohama is preferred in order to get a look in the well-known North Korean Spy Ship.

Kawasaki Warehouse

A five-story arcade facility in Kawasaki, a simple 30-minute trip away from Yokohama Centre. It is created specifically to look like previous Kowloon Walled City in Hong-Kong, though it is served by a gritty Cyberpunk visual oftentimes.

As soon as in, your efforts to obtain here is going to be compensated with amounts of game titles, pool dining tables, crane devices, pachinko plus. The atmosphere the following is like hardly any other gaming arcade destination we attempted in Japan and definitely worth the trip – if only the Instagram shots and Dance dancing Revolution establishes to Justin Beiber.

Yokohama Variety Parade

Initially held in 2015, this neighborhood type of Pride appears to don’t end up being working. You should as an alternative make an effort to go to nearby

Tokyo Rainbow Pride,

a surprisingly family-friendly occasion held in Yoyogi Park in April.

Even though the organizers have large plans to expand case on the greatest in Asia, Tokyo Pride reveals in a variety of ways Japan is in the rock Age whenever merely 7,000 folks participate in comparison to hundreds of thousands in
Hong Kong
– as well as Europe or me!

Nonetheless, its amazing to see NGOs and companies getting agreeable since the event expands – particularly the parade that takes over the roadways of Shibuya and Harajuku. In a nation in which modesty around outsiders is paramount and sexual inclination is certainly not something you should be flaunted, we could only expect improved presence someday helps new years of Japanese feel safe adequate to end up being which they’re.

Gay-Friendly and Gay Hotels in Yokohama

As Yokohama is among the more modern and gay-friendly nations in Asia, almost any lodge in Yokohama can be viewed gay-friendly, and nothing of one’s audience will discover any dilemmas right here. In the end, getting gay-friendly is certainly not everything about trendy luxury but about offering friendly solution and welcoming everybody with available arms!

Yokohama, like the majority of metropolitan areas in Japan, has actually a severe lack of space, so space sizes tend to be smaller compared to just about everywhere more in the world – but as a good amount of homosexual males know, it is not all about size but how make use of it! We’re writing on concept, functionality and views, darling!

With that said, every person wants to end up being enclosed by people who have typical interests, and thus, there are a few well-known gay-friendly places in Yokohama that are hot spots for gay tourists to stay – either for their place close to the Yokohama homosexual village – the number 1 place in which to stay Yokohama if you’re looking for gay lifestyle – or their own layout and inclusive vibes.

Here motels in Gay Yokohama have all had glowing tips from homosexual people in the past, but of course,
you will find a huge selection of additional motels in Yokohama
if these are typically nearly what you’re selecting.

Whether you need a great and personal hostel, a cheap destination to freeze after every night of partying or an ultra-chic fashion designer substitute for drink cocktails and encompass your self with fabulous people  – Gay Yokohama features some thing for everybody!

InterContinental Yokohama Grand â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

A landmark building in Yokohama, this streamlined and elegant lodge towers first and foremost other individuals in Yokohama and is the most popular resort amongst the LGBT audience…and for a good reason. The InterContinental Yokohama big soars gorgeously above the changed town heart like a sleek boat under sail, and inside the house, visitors this iconic lodge in provides your every want, such as a physical fitness center, day spa, two taverns, and five restaurants.

Close to all major tourist attractions in Yokohama, however with the spectacular opinions associated with Bay and Bay Bridge from your sea-view space, it really is not likely you’ll even wish to keep your own lavish boundaries for very long.

Yokohama Regal Park Resort â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

Inaugurated in 1993, this lodge is the stunning centerpiece of this Minatomirai 21 place, an urban area within an urban area concept in Yokohama, which combines advanced facilities with a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Whether you are staying for business or satisfaction, you’ll relish getting spoiled by first-class service in magnificent environments.

Large spaces boast breathtaking views of Yokohama Bay Bridge and also the snow-clad mountains of Mount Fuji beyond. Careful attention to information, great features and first-class hospitality combine to create a hotel that has scaled brand-new heights of luxury.

Resort Edit Yokohama â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

a cool, modern and extremely affordable lodge found near the homosexual world of Yokohama – with a trains and buses section just minutes away. Appreciate vibrant, contemporary rooms, an unfussy cafe devoted to both stews and whiskey, and employees who are constantly happy to help – regardless of how small or big the thing is in the middle of Yokohama for individuals who need to see and do everything.

Prostyle Ryokan Yokohama Bashamichi â˜†â˜†â˜†

A unique lodge that remembers the multi-cultural and vibrant reputation of Yokohama and will be offering an original design concept with honors Japanese-Western eclecticism.

Modern-day wanderers tend to be attracted with a phenomenal rest on low beds similar to conventional Japanese accommodations – including furnitures like tatami mats, paper sliding doorways, and latticework – but provide modern-day privileges the travelers of outdated could merely desire.

Processed in appearance, there clearly was a feeling of harmony here those funds can not buy – except could, and it’s really interestingly affordable.

Y’s Cabin Yokohama Kannai â˜†â˜†

(briefly or once and for all shut. Once you know anything, kindly suggest an edit.)

Among the many most affordable accommodation choices in Yokohama; if you have constantly imagined staying in a capsule resort, here’s your chance! With male- and female-only flooring, these modern-day but easy supplements supply Wi-Fi accessibility, flat-screen TVs and lockers, and additionally shared bathrooms.

The highlight of every stay needs to be the public bathhouse and a spa to unwind before going to sleep, but there are laundry services and breakfast provides at a fee, in the event you require them.

Gay Nightlife in Yokohama

With Japan getting very gay-friendly destinations in Asia – signed up with from the likes of
, and
Hong Kong
–  you should feel free to check out all night life choices in Yokohama as you wish.

In case you need to create brand-new pals and obtain together with your worldwide queer household, you will find around 30 homosexual taverns and mix taverns in Yokohama to explore. Centered around the homosexual city of Nobe before Sakuragicho facility near Motomachi share, Nobe is found on the exact opposite part over the Sakuragicho facility from Minato Mirai location, where high-rise structures line-up.

We couldn’t probably record every single site here – some of which tend to be little more than broom storage rooms – as well as have focussed on those who tend to be foreign-friendly with a point of a difference.

We do have to confess, however, the gay night life world of Tokyo overshadows Yokohama, and right here you might be prone to get a hold of a peaceful dialogue and new pals than the wild clubbing encounters of Ni-chōme Shinjuku in Tokyo, which contains the world’s greatest concentration of gay pubs.

Due to the measurements of bars here, consumers normally to use a bar and spend the night chatting away together with other clients while the generally charismatic bartenders. Karaoke normally very in vogue and it is a surefire way of getting the bashful Japanese to start right up. You might decide to try plying all of them with alcoholic drinks or environment them loose in a dark place, but we shall get to the sauna and sail rooms afterwards.

All of the little bars in Yokohama tend to be visited by regulars, and operate a bottle-keep program – uncommon when you look at the West – where you keep your very own package of alcohol behind the club for potential visits.

The social groupings are these taverns normally quite strong, with taverns planning trips to onsens, sports, picnics and more. They really are children right here, and see this ordinarily in images frequently exhibited round the bar.

We found the majority of bar proprietors, acknowledged “Mamas” or “Masters,” as acutely pleasant to clients and gaijin, yet not all – especially those the spot where the Mamas or clientele do not speak English.

It is to save lots of their unique clients from any embarrassment generally – and also to a particular level, we realize and consent. Here we have provided solely those we discovered welcoming to people from other countries, in case you may have a nearby friend or standard Japanese skills, we motivate you to definitely the Nobe Gay Town explore further.

Gay Bars & Clubs In Yokohama


The most popular gay club to check out in Yokohama with karaoke and cost-free entryway to those who are able to show their passport. Guys only are welcome here – from 7.30 until late. There’s an older crowd, additionally the bartenders just communicate Japanese, but the drinks tend to be powerful, plus the patrons tend to be pleasant.

10 Carat

(briefly or once and for all shut. Once you learn something, please recommend an edit.)

Just nearby to Mons, this bar idolizes the 70’s and 1980’s, together with the master, Tatsuya, top the cost since 1998. Take pleasure in their cozy hospitality, pleasant character, tasty snacks…and perhaps some karaoke.

Snack The Wing

(briefly or once and for all shut. Once you know something, please recommend an edit.)

a comfortable bar plays comfortable jazz songs for their more mature customers.


(briefly or once and for all shut. Once you know anything, kindly suggest an edit.)

Among the many most recent homosexual pubs in Yokohama, Underground attracts more youthful dudes through to their own mid-40s with free of charge karaoke and their highly popular all-you-can-drink deal for 3,000 yen on Fridays and Saturdays…With little time restriction!

Pub MW

A tiny but really trendy club is actually bringing in {